Fire warriors

This squad was the first I painted. It was part of a painting challenge, to paint the core of a new army in one weekend.

My fire warrior units generally use a mix of carbines and rifles. They are frequently issued with a support turret.


Alien auxiliary breacher team

Since the fire warrior box gave parts for both breachers and fire warriors, I had a lot of parts left over. I decided to use some spare skinks, to convert them into alien auxiliaries. As Breacher teams are thrown into the heart of the most dangerous combat situations, it is only natural that these suicidal roles would increasingly be given to alien auxiliaries.

mobile 276

Tau Breacher team

Breacher teams form the core of most of my armies. Equipped with an evasive transport, they will get close and gun down a power armoured unit in a hail of blaster fire, frequently dying soon afterwards.