1st Tactical squad Faustus “The Defiant”

The first squad of the fourth chapter are led by sergeant Faustus, a relatively young rising star in the company.  Faustus’ name means ‘lucky’ or ‘fortunate’, and is a name which he has repeatedly shown to be appropriate.  During the Irontoof campaign an inexperienced scout force of ultramarines, acting on faulty intelligence, came to believe that chaos marines had joined the orcs as allies.  During the chaos of a surprise engagement in harsh weather conditions they failed to identify the Genesis chapter forces coming to support them as allies and opened fire on them.  Faustus’ combat squad took the brunt of their attack, killing all except him.  despite the orcs closing in on them the Ultramarine scouts tried to concentrate the firepower of one squad and their predator on Faustus.  They scored several hits, including a glancing shot with a missile, but were unable to injure him.

Faustus uses an old pattern boltgun with underslung combi-melta.


The squad includes a plasma gun and a las cannon.  Faustus usually divides his squad into two, with four men protecting the las cannon, whilst the others join him in assaulting hardened enemy targets.



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