4th Tactical Squad Enyo “The Risen Phoenix”

The history and honours of this company date back to the 36th Millenium, during the Age of Apostacy.  During that time the 4th company was assigned to defeat the Orc invasion of Enyo.  Initial estimates had suggested that the Orc hulk had held ten thousand Orcs.  Reports received shortly after the Genesis chapter were deployed indicated that there were well over 50,000 Orcs.  The rest of the chapter were sent to assist, arriving a month later to find that, through a campaign of bold, relentless attacks, the Orcs had been defeated.  Twelve marines of the fourth chapter, led by Lamachus survived.  In honour of that event they were created into a special unit and given the distinction of wearing corvus armour, to mark them out from other members of the company.  Lamachus had been sergeant of the 4th squad, and so the honour was attached to that squad.  By tradition the fourth tactical squad of the fourth company has been made up of their most skilled veterans and wears corvus armour.  It seems ironic to outsiders that the 4th squad should be more highly regarded than the first; however within the fourth company it seems natural that it be the fourth who are so honoured.  Although equipped with the same weapons as other tactical squads they are given the honour of using the same specialist ammunition usually reserved for sternguard veterans.


The Risen Phoenix are in game terms are usually played as a sternguard veteran squad, but do not take the weapon upgrades usually available to veterans.  They can be played as a standard tactical squad.


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