Captain Marius

The captain of the fourth company of the Genesis chapter is Captain Marius.  Marius was formerly a squad leader of assault marines in the fourth company, before being promoted to the first company.  He was an excellent fighter and an excellent tactician.  His abilities earnt him the respect of everyone in the company and he soon became leader of a vanguard veteran squad.  When captain Pansa fell in battle during the campaign against Hive fleet leviathon in the Ulik sector Marius was selected to replace him as captain of the 4th company.

Since becoming captain of the 4th company Marius has applied the ideas which he developed as an assault marine.  He came to understand that the prime tenant of the space marine must be speed.  Marines lacked the numbers to overwhelm more numerous opponentsin pitched battle, but had the ability to strike deep in the heart of the enemy forces, destroying key positions and killing key units.  No matter how good their weapons or armour might be a chapter of marines could never defend a position against the sheer weight of numbers which even a traitor planetary defence force could muster.  10,000,000 or more levies, no matter how inept, could defeat a full chapter of marines. The marines were intended to work in cooperation with the guard, striking swiftly at key positions and then rapidly moving on, leaving the more numerous guardsmen to mop up any stragglers and secure key positions.

Based on this mentality he began drilling the whole company in getting the most out of their vehicles, and marching fast, striking swiftly and breaking off engagements just as suddenly.  During the campaign against Waaagh! Irontoof the 4th company moved more rapidly and fought in more engagements than most of the other companies combined, with the exception of the 1st.

Marius uses the same rules as Kor’sarro Khan

Marius is usually accompanied by his company command squad


Chaplain Camillus

During the campaign against Hive fleet leviathan in the Ulik sector Camillus was determined to hold the line against the tyranid hordes.  He fought bravely, spurring others on to fight to the last, in the name of the emperor.  However the sheer weight of enemy numbers proved overwhelming.  When the rest of the chapter were pulling out he and captain Pansa of the 4th company fought a desperate holding action, alongside captain Scipio, in which Pansa died and Camillus was mortally wounded.  He was rescued from the fight by a young marine named Faustus, who has since gone on to become sergeant of the first squad of the 4th company.

The Genesis chapter were forced to destroy several whole worlds, sacrificing billions on imperial citizens, in order to stop the tyranid advance.  Camillus has taken this as a terrible failure, and has since sworn never to allow any enemy to drive back the Chapter from preserving the sancity of the Empire.  Heavily reconstructed, Camillust is extremely endurant and almost impervious to pain.  Much like Chaplain Cassius of the Ultramarines, Camillus has equipped himself with the weapons which he thinks will be most effective in defeating the tyranid hordes.

Camillus uses the same rules as Cassius


Captain Scipio

Scipio is one of the oldest living marines in the chapter, even older than the chapter master.  He is the captain of the first company.  He is a very stoic individual who firmly believes that a marine should never feel fear, never give in to pain and never give up.  Although not the most gifted tactician, he epitomises the very best of what the chapter stands for.

Scipio always choses to fight wherever he believes the fighting will be hardest.  He is usually accompanied by the first company’s most senior veterans in terminator armour.

Scipio is equipped with terminator armour, storm bolter, power fist with auxiliary grenade launcher and digital weapons.


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