Genesis Chapter



The Genesis Chapter force which I am assembling represent members of the 4th company.  Since the conflict in which one of their assault squad leaders was promoted to take the place of their fallen captain the 4th company have proved themselves to be one of the most formidable companies within the chapter, second only to the first company.  Over the last century more marines from the fourth company have been promoted to the first company than from any other.

A full description of the forces I have so far assembled will follow shortly.

Chapter Colours

The Genesis Chapter parallels their Ultramarines forebears very closely in terms of Chapter markings and badges of rank. The Genesis Chapter’s Power Armour is red with yellow trim on the shoulder plates. The Sergeants’ badges are blue instead of red but otherwise there are few differences between the Chapters.

Chapter Badge

The Genesis Chapter’s badge is a black Greek letter Lambda or upside-down “V” on top of a black-outlined white triangle. The effect of the design is to create a Greek letter Alpha, which is an ancient Terran symbol for a new beginning or “genesis.”


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