The 4th company of the 501st are their armoured fist.  It is very unusual for them to be deployed as a whole.  More commonly, their tanks are used to support the troops of the other companies.


Millie is an old warhorse.  A basic, but effective tank which has seen a lot of action, especially in conflict against orcs.


One of the oldest tanks still in action.  Bessie is tooled up for fighting the most heavily armoured of opponents.  When fighting marines or necrons, she is always at the centre of the action.

Yulia Tymoshenko

Not as heavily tooled as the other tanks, Yulia is designed for a more mobile style of combat against walkers and light vehicles.  She has proved herself repeatedly to be one of the most effective tanks the 501st has when dealing with Eldar and Orcs.  She is attached to the third company.


Laila is one of the most effective anti infantry tanks the 501 owns.  She is usually only deployed against larger forces, at which time she is partnered with Millie.

Laila is a conversion.  After creating Salome I decided to cut the end off and old leman russ’ cannon and attach the unused to punisher gun.  The result was good enough that nobody has yet noticed the conversion.


The pride and joy of the 501st.  Their most prized tank rarely sees action, being kept in reserve for when the batallion is in most desperate need.

This is the only tank I bought new.  The others had all been bought second hand and had mostly requires a fair bit of work to cover bad paintwork and poor assembly.


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