Cadian 501st

About the Cadian 501st

The Cadian 501st, ‘Death Incarnate’, has been involved in heavy fighting for the last several decades.  They were sent to the Gwyr system as part of a task force sent to deal with an Orc invasion, along with marines from the Genesis chapter and 5 other batallions of Imperial guard.  Their arrival there preceded the invasion of Cadia by less than a year.  The Marine forces which had begun by helping the 501st were withdrawn, placing the defence of the planet solely in the hands of the Imperial guard. It was impossible to get reinforcements from Cadia.  year after year the struggle against the Orc hordes continued and their numbers dwindled, but General Marcus Caine decided to merge the batallions and from then on take the more experienced soldiers from the local planetary defence force to bolster their ranks.  For this reason the 501st have a far greater ethnic mix than most Cadian armies.  Their motto, which reflects their fighting style is “impavidus per flamma et tormenta” (fearless through fire and artillery)

Eventually the orcs were defeated, but from time to time new bands of Orcs are discovered in remote parts of the planet.  During one of the latest battles, in the Nabbalini Valley the remnants of an ancient xenos ruin was discovered.  Following this discovery both Eldar and Dark Eldar forces have tried to gain control of the Nabbalini valley.  Other races have also sent scouts, to try to determine why the Gwyr system has suddenly become a focus of so much interest to all these races.  The result is that the 501st find themselves battling a multitude of different alien foes.

Each company of the 501st has a specialised role.  This mix of troop types allows the batallion to operate as an independant battleforce, with specialised companies able to handle any role.

The first company are assigned to holding actions and make extensive use of light artillery.

The second company are a pathfinder company, acting as advanced scouts and a first strike force.  Their infantry are supported by scout sentinels.

The third company are mobile infantry.  Well equipped troops are transported to the battlefield in Chimera transports, supported by light tanks.

The fourth company are the armoured fist.  The majority of the batallion’s tanks make up this company, supported by a small force of infantry, with a focus on close range fighting, to stop enemy tank killer squads from getting too close.

The fifth company are designated as the ‘earthshakers’ and have most of the heavy artillery of the regiment.  They are usually only deployed in siege situations or when facing attacks on a very large scale.


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